Managed Endpoint Backup

With the rise of mobile workforce, critical business data is increasingly being stored on devices outside the organization’s traditional domain. The enormous risk associated with leaving the data unprotected should not be neglected. Any data loss or breach could lead to heavy financial and reputation losses to the organization.

Partnering with Druva, market leader in providing data protection, Netpluz offers integrated enterprise online backup (for PC and laptop), secure file sharing and data analytics for complete protection and governance of endpoint data.

Netpluz Druva Endpoint backup



  • Secure Data Backup to Netpluz Cloud
  • Mobile suite – Mobile apps and MDM (mobile device management) integration
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Remote wipe
  • Geo-Location Tracking
  • Device Encryption
  • Data Governance
  • Complete control with centralized global policies
  • BYOD – data management for personal devices
  • Data privacy – prevent administrator from viewing content of user data for privileged group
  • Secure File Sharing
  • Quick access to users to all their data from any device
  • Easy collaboration with peer-to-peer and external sharing including permissions control and AD-mapped sharing groups
  • Audit trial
  • Link and guest sharing
  • 24×7 service monitoring
  • 24×7 helpdesk support



Netpluz Cloud Storage

  • Virtualization infrastructure powered by the combined strength of industry leaders
  • Hardware: DELL PowerEdge server, EqualLogic, PowerVault ™
  • Software: VMWare vSphere
  • Enterprise-grade datacentre hosting infrastructure
  • Tier3+ facilities
  • ISO 27001:2005 and TVRA certified
  • 100% power availabilityData Deduplication

Data Deduplication

  • Deduplicates data at block level across all devices
  • Lightweight, efficient data transfer that require less bandwidth and lesser CPU resources
  • App-aware deduplication for faster backup and lower storage
  • Non-disruptive backup processes on devices and network resources
  • Unique hypercache technology for scalability

Enterprise Security and Privacy

  • Advanced data-scrambling algorithm and unique envelope-based encryption model
  • 256-bit AES enforceable encryption for stored data on devices and in the cloud
  • 256-bit SSL encryption for data in transit
  • Integration with Microsoft Active Directory (AD) and LDAPS



Managed Services

  • OPEX model – Reasonable and affordable monthly payment
  • Supported by highly qualified and experienced IT professionals
  • Secure cloud data storage managed and kept within Singapore

24×7 Proactive Network Monitoring

  • Service Availability – Uptime alerts

Service Guarantees

  • Service Uptime
  • Provisioning and Service Response

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