Server Colocation 

In partnership with data centre operators, Strateq and Epsilon, Netpluz offers highly secured and state-of-art data centre hosting facilities for our business clients in two different locations in Singapore. The two data centres are located more than 5KM apart from each other and are well-suited for businesses which require primary and secondary sites for their hosting requirements. With our network point-of-presence (POP) in the two data centres, Netpluz also offers high-speed, resilient network connectivities, and managed services for our clients hosted there with Netpluz Server Co-location.



  • Tier 3+ Data Centre
  • Information Security ManagementT_strateq
    • ISO 27001:2005
  • Risk Management:
    • TVRA (Threat and Vulnerability Risk Assessment)
  • On-Premise Security
    • 24x7x365 onsite uniformed security guard
    • CCTV monitoring with recording
    • Electronic and biometric access locks
    • Multiple man traps
    • Individual lockable racksepsilon
  • 100% Power Availability Guarantee
    • Uninterrupted N+1 Fully Redundant
  • UPS and Generator back up
    • Environment Control
    • Precision Air Conditioning System
    • Fully Redundant Air Cooled Chillers with building backup
  • High Speed Network Connectivity
    • High speed Internet Access
    • Point-to-Point private network connectivity between primary and secondary sites

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Connected to the Internet is a double-edged sword. On one hand, organizations can leverage on Internet to advance their businesses and improve productivity. However, on the other hand, they are also exposed to the dangers and havoc that connecting to Internet might potentially wreak against them.

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Web Application Firewall

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If your business accepts credit card payments through your web assets on a payment gateway, or even providing e-services such as customer log in portals, you will need a Web Application Firewall to safeguard and build resilience against cyber attacks.

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