Netpluz Penetration Testing

Netpluz Penetration Testing

Assess your network, applications and overall security programs comprehensively to keep up with an ever-changing security and regulatory landscape.

A penetration test, or Pen Test is an effort to assess the security of an IT infrastructure by exploiting vulnerabilities and weaknesses the same way a hacker would, thru operating systems, services, applications, improper configurations, or behavior of the end-user. Such assessments are also useful in validating the efficacy of defensive mechanisms, as well as, end-user adherence to security policies.

Knowing your vulnerabilities—and the ways in which attackers could exploit them—is one of the greatest insights you can get in improving your security program.


Focused to provide security across the extended networks, Penetration tests keep a check on security measures right from the On-Premise Enterprise Systems to the Enterprise Mobility solutions and their devices and networks, various websites and web based solutions, right up to the Cloud.

Netpluz Penetration Test Portfolio

Netpluz Network Penetration test

Network Penetration Testing

Evaluation of your network’s ability to withstand attacks. Our certified ethical hackers, armed with the same techniques as cybercriminals, will break into your network and raise awareness about vulnerabilities and the effects of exploitation as well as end-user adherence to security policies.

Netpluz Application Penetration Test

Application Penetration Testing

Comprehensive Penetration Test of your external and internal web applications to identify vulnerabilities and prioritize mitigation based upon OWASP and many others. Our Web Application Pen Test service will greatly enhance your web application’s security.

Source Code Review Netpluz Pen Test

Source Code Review

Examination of your web application’s code performed by security specialists that aims to identify security flaws and withstand attacks. Analyzing the code gives the opportunity to find vulnerabilities that would not be found otherwise.

Netpluz Pen Test

Penetration Testing Process

Penetration testing follows a step by step process to commence and conclude the tests.

  • Data collection to avail the details of the system to be tested
  • Assessing the vulnerabilities and weak links in the system
  • Launching the attack on the system and penetrating it
  • Reporting the findings during the attacks and corrective measures

Benefits of Penetration Testing

Penetration testing offers many benefits, allowing you to:
  • Intelligently manage vulnerabilities
  • Avoid the cost of network downtime
  • Meet regulatory requirements and avoid fines
  • Preserve corporate image and customer loyalty
Penetration testing to test your network is a proactive effort of protecting your network and business from risks before attacks or security breaches occur. 

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Netpluz Managed Internet Clean Pipe secures all backend network elements, including the origin of applications, network infrastructure, and the backend IPs typically associated with proxy solutions. It is highly suitable for organizations that cannot afford any downtime of assets running their own network.

Implemented via tunneling and making use of BGP-anycast routing, Netpluz Managed Internet Clean Pipe guards network resources against all volumetric and protocol-based DDoS attacks, such as UDP, SMTP and SYN floods.

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Connected to the Internet is a double-edged sword. On one hand, organizations can leverage on Internet to advance their businesses and improve productivity. However, on the other hand, they are also exposed to the dangers and havoc that connecting to Internet might potentially wreak against them.

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Web Application Firewall

Netpluz Managed WAF – Mitigation Facilities

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If your business accepts credit card payments through your web assets on a payment gateway, or even providing e-services such as customer log in portals, you will need a Web Application Firewall to safeguard and build resilience against cyber attacks.

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