If your business revolves around audio conferencing with local and regional parties, you must be taking advantage of a platform that is both reliable and cost-efficient. Trying to contact multiple parties without a suitable platform will create a serious barrier to your success. Enter Netpluz’s Click-2-Phone™, a Cloud-based click-to-call solution for single-party calling and multi-parties conferencing.

The days of expensive audio conferencing services are over! With Netpluz in-house developed Click-2-Phone™ solution, we not only simplify the way conference calls are made, but also bring down the cost of conferencing significantly.

With Click-2-Phone™ for Small-Medium Businesses (SMEs), you can run a cloud-based teleconferencing software at a high level of efficiency, putting the full power of digital technology to work for you.

With this innovative service, we hope to boost up the productivity of our customers and at the same time, helping them to save cost!

Calling is only a few simple steps away!
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Click-2-Phone is Cloud-based click-to-call solution for single-party calling and multi-parties conferencing. 

What does this mean for your customers?

When a customer calls your virtual number (in their home country), Netpluz routes their phone call to your office or call centre. To your customers, these are regular local calls (with the price and stability of local calls). For your business, it means connecting with customers, wherever they are in the world – at affordable costs. 

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Benefits of Click-2-Phone™

    Cost savings

    • Competitive rate, based on Netpluz competitive rates to over 150 countries
    • Lower cost compared to Conference Bridge Services

    Wide coverage

    • Can call from over 150 countries
    • No need to call to dial-in numbers
    • No need to worry about VOIP blocking           


    • No need to install additional hardware or software. Just click on URL from email client on mobilephone/Tablet/Laptop to join

    Easy to use contact list

    • Can upload large contact list easily
    • Easy to call from contact list
    • Suitable for mass marketing calls.

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