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Netpluz is a one-stop managed IT & communication service provider in Singapore that delivers reliable, high-performance communications services to businesses across the Asia Pacific Region.

As one of the leaders in managed IT communication industry, we have established a reputation in providing fast and efficient solutions for your data, voice, video, cybersecurity, mobility and analytics needs.

We guarantee to manage these channels for you—so you can rest assured that your website and all points of communications are always up and running 24/7.

We take pride in our team of IT professionals that have extensive experience in the ICT industry and have a deep understanding of every business needs across the region. It’s their commitment to unwavering standards that helped us establish over 2,000 clients that continue to engage our managed communications services to this day.

Managed Communications Services

Client Testimonials

No other service providers were able to take a step back to understand my challenges and NETPLUZ offered to go the extra mile. We are proud to have Netpluz Asia as our IT solutions provider.

Netpluz Asia Pte Ltd
- Keith Kee, IT Manager

Managing multiple ERP solutions and network infrastructures are challenging when there is no visibility on performance issues. With the professionals at Netpluz, they were able to identify and solve legacy issues and introduced SD-WAN solution at the right time to optimise the overall performance of our networks and applications.

Netpluz Asia Pte Ltd
- Chua Sin Hai, General Manager, IT & Infrastructure

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