DDoS Attack Mitigation Solutions

DDoS Attack Mitigation Solutions

As brands take their businesses online, they open up a world of opportunities… and cybersecurity threats.

In Q2 2019, Netpluz successfully mitigated a total of 1.8Gbps DDoS attack over 2 hours, with the single largest DDoS attack of 506Mbps mitigated.

With a well-placed DDoS attack, a single hacker can launch a devastating attack at any time – from anywhere in the world.

Get a comprehensive cybersecurity solution with our managed ICT services in Singapore optimised for your organisation’s unique IT environment, covering traffic patterns, user behaviours, infrastructure and resources, security policies, compliance requirements, and more.

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Partnering with Nexusguard, a long-time leader at the forefront of the fight against malicious internet attacks, Netpluz DDoS Mitigation service enables businesses to focus on key strategic activities, instead of dealing with complexities of cyber security compliance, giving our customers a peace of mind when connected to Internet.

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This threat can be eliminated with our DDoS attack mitigation solutions, a managed cybersecurity service we offer in Singapore that takes all your incoming traffic – both legitimate and malicious – filters out traffic that’s intent on attacking your systems, and only sends data from legitimate visitors and customers to your systems.

In 2018, the number of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks greater than 300 Gbps happened 500% more often and were 37% larger (than the same period just a year before).

Netpluz Scrubbing Centre integrates high-speed border filtering, protocol verification, deep packet inspection (DPI), adaptive filtering, application-level filtering, progressive challenge-response (C/R) user authentication, intelligent HTTP malformed filtering, flexible content filtering, and rate-limiting.

If you require an All-in-One 360° Cyber Security platform, you might be interested in our eSentinel solution. You can read more by clicking here. 

Learn more about DDoS Attack Mitigation Solutions as well as our other managed cyber security services that we offer here in Singapore and protect your business from possible cyber threats. Speak to us today.

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