True Diversity

True Diversity

In today’s modern business environment, an always-on internet connection is key to sustaining day-to-day business operations.

To ensure the survivability of their online capabilities, a growing number of businesses are relying on two separate networks to keep their business operations online – a primary network and a redundancy network.

Let’s face it, when your Internet is down, your business is down.

With more and more businesses moving their critical applications to the Cloud, it is imperative to consider multiple network fibre connectivity to secure access to your essential corporate data. It makes even more sense to ensure that these networks are diverse for true redundancy and disaster avoidance.

  • SP Telecom

Netpluz has partnered with SPTel, Singapore’s leading network infrastructure provider, to provide businesses with the true diversity needed to keep your mission-critical applications – and your company – online 24/7, all-year-round.

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The building blocks of a truly diverse network:

  • Facility entrance diversity: Two or more entry points into your premise or network
  • Fibre/look diversity: Using diverse COs and routes for circuits from your premise to a network facility
  • CO/exchange diversity: Separate customer service termination units, housed in separate locations within your building(s)
  • Circuit/connection diversity: Create dual connections for any mission-critical services using diverse routes and facilities

Build true diversity and survivability into your business operations with an alternate network path. Contact us for more information.

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