Journey Begins As Netpluz

Our journey begins as Netpluz is incorporated as an internet service provider (ISP), providing managed services to businesses that value reliable network connectivity.

Netpluz acquisition of Mediaring

In December 2015, we acquired MediaRing and added voice services to our offerings. 

Our customers can now enjoy Data, Voice and Video services under a single converged network. 

Y5ZONE Singapore Merged With Netpluz

Y5ZONE Singapore merged with Netpluz in April 2016, giving us the capability to deliver advertisements to anyone who connects to our clients’ guest Wi-Fi services.

We also began offering cloud computing services, including critical backup and disaster recovery.

Marked The Commissioning Of Our DDOS Mitigation Infrastructure

June 2017 marked the commissioning of our DDoS mitigation infrastructure, enabling us to offer unmatched data protection and cybersecurity services to secure business’s networks, websites and information from threats.

We began optimising data from December 2017 with the launch of our SD-WAN (with VeloCloud) service.

Most recently, we added mobility and analytics to our line-up of offerings – delivering a complete suite of end-to-end services for businesses across Asia Pacific.


Our Malaysia office was incorporated in 2018. With this expansion, we now have the geographical reach and improved ability to better serve customers in Malaysia and the region.

We also launched two new pillars of our managed services, adding “Mobility” and “Analytics” to our suite of services.

SBR Technology Excellence Awards 2019

Netpluz emerged as overall WINNER for category Network and Broadband – Telecommunications. 

Enterprise Security Awards

Netpluz emerged as TOP 10  Managed Security Services Provider in APAC 2019

Achieved SS 584:2015 - MTCS

This accreditation testifies our commitment to Quality and our continual endeavour to keep improving on our services. 

Dun & Bradstreet Business Eminence Award 2020

The award is a testament to Netpluz business performance and innovation in creating value for our clients.

Top 10 Managed Service Providers 2020

Netpluz takes another step forward to our vision of becoming the Top Managed Communications Service Provider in Asia-Pacific.