International Direct Dialling (IDD)

International Direct Dialling (IDD)

Call anyone, anywhere in the world with Netpluz IDD Service.

Our international direct dial service offers you low rates so you can talk longer when you call anyone overseas.



  • Billing are based on 6-sec increment.
  • 1551 is toll free from fixed line.
  • Rates quoted are based on per minute charge and in Singapore Dollars. Rates subject to change without prior notice.


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  • SP Telecom

Call your customers or partners overseas at the lowest International Direct Dialling rates. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate International Direct Dial (IDD) service?

IDD is a default service, which can be subscribed with Netpluz Managed IP-PBX or SIP Trunk service. It will enable you to make international calls to mobile, fixed line and satellite phone numbers at any point of time as long as your account is active/current.

What is IDD 1551?

IDD 1551 allows you to save more on international calls when you talk longer on the phone to both fixed and mobile numbers around the globe. 

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