Disaster Recovery as a Service

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Let’s face it, at some point your business digital asset or data will be at risk. It could be a machine error, a human error, a virus or even a disaster such as flooding. Not having the proper precautions in place to mitigate such risks could mean losing it all, the business hard-earned reputation and eventually financial loses. Think of your disaster recovery plan or DRaaS solution as an insurance policy for your critical digital assets and business should a disaster, something that is out of your control happen.

Developing a disaster recovery plan is a challenging task for most businesses, especially SMEs. When an unforeseen disaster hits your business, restoring it can be very critical for business continuity. Cloud-based disaster recovery can be described as a component of a disaster recovery plan that involves maintaining copies of enterprise data and workflow in a cloud storage environment as a security measure.

Continuous data availability is the absolute objective at times of a disaster. With DRaaS, business continuity planning has become seamless and cost-effective. Netpluz professionals manage and maintain the DR servers at 3 of our POPs in Singapore, thereby reducing the impact of failures at the disaster site.

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To deliver top-of-the-line managed cloud computing services in Singapore, we have partnered with industry’s leading service providers in cloud technologies – Veeam and Druva– to offer you a fully managed suite of the world’s best cloud computing solutions such as cloud disaster recovery services, and many more.

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As many businesses learn the hard way, every day, it’s quite common to be just one technology fault away from disaster.

Research repeatedly indicates that too many businesses are using costly and outdated data backup solutions, and are inadequately prepared for disaster.

To maintain continuity and be ready for any situation, thorough IT and data loss prevention planning is critical. This involves having both a reliable data backup process in place, as well as a disaster recovery solution.

By entrusting Netpluz to take care of your backup and disaster recovery on your behalf, you get the confidence of knowing that your valuable data is secure, protected and easily restored whenever you need it.

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