Wi-Fi Analytics

Wi-Fi Analytics

Did you know that Wi-Fi marketing is proven to convert 5x more customers than the industry average? Also, if your business is in F&B or retail, you’ll be interested to know that:

  • 64% of choose a restaurant based on the availability of Wi-Fi services
  • 79% of shopped (aged 45 years and up) are positively influenced by in-store Wi-Fi availability
  • 72% of businesses who offer free Wi-Fi successfully boost sales

Analytics you can track

When you provide customers with free Wi-Fi, their connected devices (smartphones, laptops and tablets) provide you with their data. Wi-Fi analytics is the data that is collected, analysed and presented to you in comprehensive, easy-to-understand reports that you can use to dramatically boost sales and marketing efforts. This data includes:

  • Profiles: Customer demographics
  • Traffic: The number of customers at each of your outlets, at every hour of the day
  • User behaviour: New and returning users, and how long they stay
  • Heat maps: Track the popular areas of your store or shopping mall
  • Flow: View the flow of traffic in your venue
  • SP Telecom

A single secure WiFi solution to transform and deliver a superior in-store customer and digital experience.

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Monetising your Wi-Fi analytics

Based on the information collected, you can plan marketing campaigns around to target each specific group of customers. Some of your options include:

  • Emailing electronic direct mailers (eDMs) to target customers
  • Sending promotional SMSes to customers inside – and outside – of your stores
  • Creating loyalty programs for returning customers
  • Selling advertising space on your Wi-Fi’s captive portal

Boost your marketing results with managed Wi-Fi analytics

Our team can help you to connect with customers, understand them and engage them. Best of all, we’ll handle everything your marketing team needs for an extensive Wi-Fi analytics and marketing campaign, including:

  • Connect: Netpluz will set up and fully manage your guest wi-fi network
  • Analytics: We will provide you with a comprehensive Wi-Fi analytics report containing all the data your marketing team needs to understand your customer profiles and traffic flows
  • Engage: Our team will provide the eDMs, SMSes and technology needed to blast promotional messages to customers – interacting with your target audiences and driving sales results

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