eSentinel™ is a simplified all-in-one (360°) cybersecurity protection platform for business, an additional cyber defense layer at the ISP level.

While the internet offers enormous advantages and opportunities, it also presents various cybersecurity risks.

It’s where we access our critical and sensitive corporate data files, such as contracts, financial records, HR employee data.

With more businesses adopting the cloud model, it is time to take steps to protect information stored, transmitted and processed for continuing business operations.

But with all the good things the internet offer us, it also opens the door to serious, potentially devastating cybersecurity threats. 

56% Experienced a CYBER ERROR or ATTACK in the past 12 months. – Chubb Survey 2019

Believe it or not, your network might have already been compromised. eSentinel™ might just be the ONE solution you are looking for!


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eSentinel™ is a simplified all-in-one (360°) Managed Cybersecurity protection platform for business, an additional cyber defense layer at the ISP level.

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Features of eSentinel™ – 360° Cloud-Based Cyber Security Platform Simplified

External Defense Layer

  1. DDoS Mitigation 

Internal Defense Layer

  1. Next-Generation Firewall
  2. Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS)
  3. 24/7 SNOC Monitoring with alerts & notification
  4. Customisable Network-layer policies
  5. Periodic Vulnerability Assessment

The beauty of eSentinel™

The above features are traditionally only accessible to bigger enterprises due to their need of secured network to protect their business financials and reputation. It is time that SMEs enjoy the same protection in this ever-evolving cyber threat landscape. With eSentinel™ consists of total cybersecurity protection, businesses can now enjoy improved security at a lower cost and risk!

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