Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition

How well do you know your customers? Can your staff recognise VIPs before seeing their VIP card? What about regular customers or those who drop in once a month?

How much could your marketing and sales results be improved, if you had intimate knowledge of every customer that walked through your store – their shopping preferences, spending habits, and more?

With facial recognition technology, your store’s cameras can scan and match customers’ faces (from a database of thousands or even millions) as they step into your store or business premise.

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Facial recognition and detection technology enables a validity check of user‘s true identity, with highly accuracy and excellent performance of anti-spoofing. Just a simple implementation, you can take a step towards a higher level of security!

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These analytics can be used to build their customer profiles each time they visit – creating a detailed database of individualised customer characteristics that you can use for targeted sales promotions, marketing campaigns and other revenue-generating efforts.

  • Personal profiles: Get to know your customers better by building individual profiles for each of them, based on their visits and purchases
  • Detailed analytics: Understand how long each customers stays at your store, how often they visit, how they move around your store, and other detailed information
  • Seamless integration: Our facial recognition technology will work with most stores’ surveillance systems
  • Tailored sales campaigns: Use your knowledge of customer profiles to improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and sales promotions

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