SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking

VOIP (Voice Over IP) technology has matured and become mainstream. However, bugged by call quality issues (such as drop calls and choppy voice) due to poor delivery over unreliable network, adoption of VOIP services by businesses has been slow.

Through end-to-end network performance management and hosting of state-of-the-art VOIP infrastructure in our cloud, Netpluz delivers superior quality VOIP calls (based on SIP trunking) for our business customers. With subscription to our services, our customers not only enjoy significant cost-savings but also increased productivity at work.

Who is it for

Global Businesses, call centres, foreign (outside of Singapore) companies, companies looking to upgrade/replace traditional phone line system. For global virtual numbers, please click here to check out the service page.


Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider


  • SP Telecom

Unified business communications built on secure, business-grade SIP infrastructure. Integrable with Microsoft Teams for phone system.

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  • Level 6 virtual phone number
  • Phone numbers are no longer tethered to a set location and can be easily transferred to a new location
    • Employees working from home can make outbound calls with caller ids reflecting the company’s office numbers
    • Employees travelling overseas can save costs on mobile roaming
  • Offices, based overseas, can be perceived as operating locally
  • Guaranteed voice quality over Netpluz Internet connectivity (on static IP plan)
  • Service Flexibility
    • Inbound and outbound call making via IP Phone, mobile phone SIP dialer, IP-PBX
    • Service plans with multiple concurrent call options
    • Short term contract period for temporary deployment
  • Fast service activation – within one working day
  • Integration with Netpluz Managed IP-PBX service
  • Cost Savings
    • Zero setup cost
    • Competitive domestic and international call rate

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