Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Protection

Business-grade IT security is evolving quickly, but the baseline will continue to start with protecting your endpoints.

Targeted attacks and advanced persistent threats cannot be prevented through anti-virus solutions alone, making endpoint protection a necessary component of full-spectrum security solutions capable of securing data for the world’s leading enterprises.

Endpoint protection solutions provide centrally-managed security solutions that protect endpoints such as servers, workstations, and mobile devices used to connect to enterprise networks.

Netpluz is Sophos Gold Partner

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We have partnered with global leader Sophos to offer a leading managed endpoint protection solution to businesses across Asia-Pacific. Let our expert team take over the complexities of your business’s cybersecurity, so you can focus on growing your business.


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As BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) programs are becoming increasingly adopted by enterprises, endpoint protection is adapting to provide protection for mobile endpoints such as laptops, smartphones, and tablet PCs in addition to more traditional endpoints like servers and desktop PCs. By creating and enforcing rules for endpoints, endpoint protection solutions are able to identify sensitive data and encrypt it, or block the copying or transfer of certain files or sensitive data based on enterprise classification.

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