Link Balancing

Link Balancing

As always-on internet connectivity becomes increasingly crucial for businesses of all sizes, companies are recognising the need for unbreakable internet access.

But with large variances in internet traffic and ISP bandwidth every day – or even every hour – how can your business be assured of reliable internet connectivity and performance?

Let’s face it, when your Internet is down, your business is down.

With more and more businesses moving their critical applications to the Cloud, it is imperative to consider multiple internet links (Meg@POP, NGNBN, SPTel) to secure access to your essential corporate data. It makes even more sense to ensure that these internet links are diverse for true redundancy and disaster avoidance.

The solution is link balancing. Netpluz’s managed link balancing service balances loads between your LAN and the internet. Our solution monitors your traffic, determines which ISP link has the largest available bandwidth, then balancing traffic accordingly. This eliminates possible network disruptions and outages, while maintaining consistent internet performance.  

  • SP Telecom

To deliver high quality link balancing solutions and unbreakable internet access to businesses, we have partnered with Peplink – the industry leader in internet load balancing and VPN bonding solutions.

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  • Achieve 100% connectivity uptime
  • Handle both inbound and outbound data traffic link redundancies
  • VPN bonding
  • Intelligent prioritisation of internet bandwidth usage
  • Choice of Meg@POP or OpenNet fibre for last mile connectivity
  • 24×7 helpdesk support
  • 24×7 network device monitoring
  • 24x7x4 faulty equipment replacement
  • Configuration and change management
  • Managed firmware updates and patches

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