Offering the most cost-effective and best worldwide 4G LTE data & voice calling services.

We know that business communications run on mobile data for mobility and productivity. Increased costs on mobile data and roaming call charges, inconvenience and hidden fair use policy are a problem to your business operations and billing.

Netpluz MobileRoam provides high speed yet low cost data plans across more than 100 countries to fit your business requirements with great battery life of up to 15 hours keeping your top performers on the move – connected.

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Improve the efficiency of your global communications while overseas with MobileRoam

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Our unique virtual SIM technology allows you to enjoy connection in over 100 countries.
No SIM cards needed.


MobileRoam DATA

  • Global Mifi – High-speed 4G Internet Access
  • Supports up to 5 connecting devices simultaneously

MobileRoam VOICE

  • No roaming charges when making and receiving calls in overseas
  • Free DID provided
  • Can display personal Mobile Number or DID as Caller ID
  • Competitive call rates for when calling to more than 100 countries

MobileRoam VPN

  • Secure encrypted data & voice connectivity
  • Bypass data & voice blocking by local ISPs

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