On-Demand Webinar | Simplifying the Future of SecOps

On-Demand Webinar | Simplifying the Future of SecOps

On-Demand Webinar | Simplifying the Future of SecOps

On-Demand Webinar | Simplifying the Future of SecOps
April 27, 2022

Simplifying the Future of SecOps

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According to a 2021 State of Security Operations report, 96% of increments were noticed in enterprises’ budget increments on security operations, 86% increased in staffing, and 91% increased investment in advanced security technologies during the pandemic in order to address the scale, complexity, and impact on business operations due to the rapidly growing attack surface resulting from the rapid workforce transformation.

Watch the webinar recording as we begin with a close look at the state of security operations (SecOps) including the trends, challenges, and changes as well as how can we ease the burden on a lean SecOps team.

SecOps: Redefining Core Security Capabilities

Organizations have acknowledged the significance of adopting a strong cyber resilience framework to navigate through the threat landscape as we go forward in the digitally accelerated world. SOCs are increasingly using cloud and technologies like AI/ML and automation to improve SecOps capabilities. Keeping data, apps, and identities secure is now a top priority in the boardroom.

SOCs of the future must be resilient in combating contemporary AI-driven attackers that do not rely on old approaches. Recent cyberattacks have demonstrated that we are entering an era of highly intelligent, counter-adversary centers, where computers aid in defeating current threat actors utilising machine learning, automation, cognitive, and AI, and where the human analyst is at the core of creative threat interpretation.

Security teams are heavily understaffed when it comes to incident response, even as they face more attacks. Security operations centers (SOCs) need a more effective method of detection and response; thus, XDR takes a dramatically different approach to other tools on the market today. –Forrester Study, 28 April 2021

Thus, a high-speed high-fidelity detection and automated response across the entire attack surface is what we need.

Watch the recording as we bring you through the 2022 Cybersecurity Landscape, the current and the future state of SecOps, and how can we ease the burden on a lean SecOps team while enabling enterprises to be ahead of threat actors. 

SecOps Is the Path Forward

An increasingly complex attack surface, as well as greater usage of the cloud and hybrid IT, were already threatening the cyber-resiliency of many enterprises prior to the pandemic. However, solving the challenges is not impossible.

This on-demand webinar is for anyone that is interested in overcoming the SecOps challenges by ensuring resiliency and secure protection towards the enterprises with a single platform and improving detection and response with a lean SecOps team at the price an organization can afford.