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As your trusted partner, Netpluz Asia Managed Cybersecurity Services offers 24×7 monitoring, management, and response to advanced threats, risks, and compliance requirements. We partner with leading cybersecurity vendors to secure your organisation’s critical network infrastructure, data to hybrid multi-cloud environments. We can work with your internal IT team or we can provide fully managed security services:

Netpluz Asia offers an extensive portfolio of managed cybersecurity solutions. Before using any cybersecurity services, we recommend our customers to assessing your cybersecurity posture with a security assessment. Through a low friction and comprehensive assessment, our role is to efficiently, and affordably, deploy the right combination of recommendations, managed and integrated technologies, threat intelligence and flexible solutions to fully protect your company.

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As an initial assessment, consider these three questions:

• Do you have advanced security, cybersecurity and risk management programs in place?
• Is your business at risk of a cyber-attack?
• Are you in compliance with your contracts that have a cybersecurity compliance requirement?

If the answer to any of these is “no”, a call to us would be of immediate benefit.


From SMEs to large enterprises, we work with companies of all sizes to solve their security and compliance and challenges, enhance resources and assist in safely driving their IT operations forward.

Our engineering team is with you at every step to: reduce risk, ensure compliance, be your subject matter experts, manage complex technologies, and secure critical network environments. In addition, you’ll have access to our 24×7 Network Operations Centre, which offers real-time network monitoring.

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