Webinar | Understanding SME’s Obligation in Data Protection and Cybersecurity

Webinar | Understanding SME’s Obligation in Data Protection and Cybersecurity

LIVE Webinar | Understanding SME’s Obligation in Data Protection and Cybersecurity

Zooming into the responsibilities of Business, IT and Compliance during and post COVID-19

26 June 2020 | 2.30 PM to 4.00 PM

We know the importance of PDPA and we wanted to share that knowledge with our clients so take this opportunity to uncover what PDPA means for your company and department through this complimentary webinar with Straits Interactive, one of the experts in the field of data protection.

SMEs today operate in an increasingly connected and competitive digital economy where individuals’ online and real-world activities generate huge amounts of data, especially during circuit-breaker where everyone must work remotely from home. 

SMEs have had to scramble to arrange employees to connect back to the office.  Have you taken a look at the privacy and IT risks involved in using the free apps as well as the paid apps?  Do you know what you need to look out for?  No matter how good your multiple cybersecurity tools are, an attacker will eventually find a way into your network through vulnerabilities during a lapse. Join us for the 1-hour session with Straits Interactive to find out about the role and accountability of IT departments, and approach to mitigate the cyber threat and risk. 

Topics covered:

  • Latest PDPA updates
  • Digitalisation & WFH Risks 
  • Roadmap to PDPA Compliance
  • The common problems faced by businesses
  • eSentinel™ – 360° Defense in Depth
  • and many more!

The Presenters:

  1. Alvin Toh, Chief Marketing Officer, Straits Interactive Pte Ltd
  2. Kenneth Wee, Commercial Director, Netpluz Asia Pte Ltd



Webinar: eSentinel™ – 360° Managed Cybersecurity, Simplified

No matter how good your multiple cybersecurity tools are, an attacker will eventually find a way into your network through vulnerabilities. 

Once cybercriminals acquire unauthorised access, you can only depend on the speed and performance of your IT team, to identify the threats, to manage multiple platforms to mitigate the attack. However, the time to respond and mitigate could last for hours or even days. 

Join us for the 1-hour session to find out how you can now extend your cyber defense perimeter at the ISP level

We will be covering topics such as:

  • The Cybersecurity landscape
  • The common problems faced by businesses
  • What is eSentinel™?
  • 360° Defense in Depth
  • and many more!


Webinar recording and presentation slides coming soon!

Dear Customers, Partners and Friends of Netpluz,

During this unprecedented time, as COVID-19 continues to spread globally, our priority is the safety of people, especially our employees. We have already ensured, prior to the outbreak, that our employees are fully equipped to work from home, with the necessary tools required for virtual interactions with our customers and partners. Netpluz’s services in Telecommunications, ICT Support Services and Cyber Security are classified as essential services. With the new ‘Circuit Breaker’ measures set to begin today, we have implemented strict safety measures to safeguard our employees while, at the same time, ensuring business and service continuity for our customers.

Work and Health Safety for our employees

All non-critical travels have been halted. We will continue to engage all our employees to ensure that we strictly comply to the Business Continuity Plan that was activated in early February, as well as adhere to evolving guidelines from both the government and health organizations. We will continue to monitor the situation to ensure that Health and Safety of our employees, first and foremost, a top priority.

In line with the recent announcement on telecommuting enforcements, we have imposed a strict Work@Home policy, effective immediately. Our employees have been asked to avoid face-to-face meetings unless necessary and will be advising customers and partners to meet virtually, through the use of Microsoft Teams. We seek your kind understanding that we may not be available for an in-person meeting during this period.

Even with all our employees working from home now, please be rest assured that our customers will continue to receive uncompromising service standard from Netpluz.

24×7 Helpdesk and Network Operations Centre for our customers

The Network Operations Centre (NOC) and its hotline remain 24×7 fully operational. As businesses activate their workforce to work from home, we expect our service hotline to be busier than normal. Hence, we have recently activated additional resources to ensure our customers are being supported properly. 

Our commitment to you during this period remains strong as ever. Thank you and stay safe.

Yours sincerely,

Lau Leng Fong

Chief Executive Officer

WORK@HOME Webinar: Microsoft O365 & Teams

Maximise your BCP efforts with the right solutions!

With COVID-19 continuing to impact people and countries around the world, teams everywhere are moving to remote work. In this free webinar, experts on Microsoft O365 will help you refine your strategy and ensure you’re getting the outcome your business needs to compete and thrive in the current market landscape.

Are you new to Microsoft O365? Have you created the modern workspace with Teams? Be sure to join the WORK@HOME webinar, where we share the use of Microsoft O365 and other necessary tools to enable your workforce to WORK REMOTELY, ensuring POLICIES & SECURITY, increasing PRODUCTIVITY and be COST-EFFECTIVE in the approach.


  1. Microsoft 365 & Teams features & benefits
    • Collaboration platform for your BCP Work@Home needs
    • Creating the Modern Workspace where all you need is a laptop
  2. Voice Mobility for Enterprise and SMB
    • Leave your office phone where it belongs – In your office!
  3. Live Demo – Voice Mobility

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