Live Webinar | Protect Against Advanced Email-Based Attacks

Live Webinar | Protect Against Advanced Email-Based Attacks

Protect Against Advanced Email-Based Attacks

Wednesday, 24 February 2021, 2PM – 3PM 

Email phishing is one of the greatest security threats facing organisations globally. With the pandemic accelerating digital transformation and with workforce disconnected from the secured private network of offices to work from anywhere, you need a way to protect your workforce from such attacks. A click from an unsuspecting employee, may well place your entire network compromised. 

Countless individuals and organisations have unwittingly transferred money, sent confidential documents, and emailed credentials to cyber criminals who were impersonating their boss, colleague, or a trusted customer. These targeted attacks can be very compelling and cannot be stopped with existing email security solutions such as Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus (ASAV) solution — creating devastating results for individuals, businesses, and brands.

Learn more about the current threat landscape observed by a SOC team, business challenges, as well as the defense you need to have in place to defend against them.

Key takeaways:

  • Cyber security predictions for email protection
  • Landscape – Top 3 email threats observed
  • Security challenges of the new mobile workforce
  • Who is at highest risk within your organisation
  • Identifying phishing email
  • The difference between phishing and spear phishing, and why it matters
  • The techniques used in impersonation and spoofing attacks, and how to spot them
  • How eSentinel – Email Protection stacks up against ASAV, the differences and why it matters
  • How to manage repeat clickers of malicious emails

    Webinar | Cyber Risk Management in the New Digitalisation Age

    Cybersecurity Management and Risks Transfer

    Considering the complex, dynamic network and devices that businesses must govern across firewalls, applications and cloud – Cybersecurity is no longer optional. Amendments made recently to the recent Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) Bill will continue to have meaningful impact on businesses throughout 2021. Over the past year, there were numerous breaches and cyber-attacks and it is expected to continue with cyber threat landscape evolving at a fast pace.

    Simple and hard truth is that cybersecurity is good for business. Compliance to cybersecurity help you maintain your customers and brand loyalty setting your business ahead and apart from the rest of the competition.

    Ultimately, addressing specific cybersecurity risks that affect your business’s network and data security can be daunting, complex and costly to manage, which leads to many businesses overlooking its importance.

    In this webinar, we will be sharing the latest cybersecurity challenges, introducing solutions and strategies that are both practical and cost-effective in protecting your business from the cybersecurity and data breaches. Register now to learn more about how to take on cybersecurity risk, compliance and management, putting your business ahead of the curve.

    Takeaways include:

    • Cyber risks landscape today
    • Identify your weakest links
    • Business implications in the event of cyber-attack and data breach
    • Mitigate & Transfer your cyber risks
    • And many more…

    Join Kenneth Wee, Commercial Director at Netpluz and Elsa Xu, Financial Lines Manager at Chubb Insurance as they walk you through how to build up your business cyber resilience and mitigate risk that often businesses overlook, especially in this digitalisation age and the evolving modern workforce.

    Watch the webinar recording below to find out more information! 

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      Cyber Risk Management in the New Digitalisation Age from Netpluz Asia Pte Ltd


      Cyber Risk Management in the New Digitalisation Age – Mitigating Risk with Cyber Insurance from Netpluz Asia Pte Ltd