Webinar Recording | Simplifying Communication with Microsoft Teams & Netpluz SIP Trunk

Webinar Recording | Simplifying Communication with Microsoft Teams & Netpluz SIP Trunk

Webinar Recording | Simplifying Communication with Microsoft Teams & Netpliz SIP Trunk

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The current period, with so many working from home due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, has seen a considerable increase of employees setting up a workstation in their home residence. The current work from arrangement seems to be the new (ab)normal and analysts predicted the arrangement to be stretched to mid-late 2021. 

Businesses are starting to realise that the silver lining in such arrangement is that there is no longer a need for employees to be bound to a desk in an office premise, even more so for the global workforce recruitment. The new and modern workspace is now a SaaS solution, Microsoft 365 and Teams, integrating with Netpluz SIP Trunk for the complete package. No longer will an employee requires a physical IP-Phone for work. Collaborate, external calling, dial-in conference is now made possible with MS Teams & Netpluz SIP Trunking solution.

Topics covered:

  • Using Microsoft Teams to increase workplace productivity
  • Integration of SIP Trunk / Phone System for the complete Teams Experience
  • and many more!

The Presenters:

  1. Chadymae Barinan, Technical Specialist, Microsoft
  2. Goh Boon Seng, Senior Director – Business Development, Netpluz 

Presentation slides to view


Simplifying Communication with Microsoft Teams & Netpluz SIP Trunk from Netpluz Asia Pte Ltd

WORK@HOME Webinar: Microsoft O365 & Teams

Maximise your BCP efforts with the right solutions!

With COVID-19 continuing to impact people and countries around the world, teams everywhere are moving to remote work. In this free webinar, experts on Microsoft O365 will help you refine your strategy and ensure you’re getting the outcome your business needs to compete and thrive in the current market landscape.

Are you new to Microsoft O365? Have you created the modern workspace with Teams? Be sure to join the WORK@HOME webinar, where we share the use of Microsoft O365 and other necessary tools to enable your workforce to WORK REMOTELY, ensuring POLICIES & SECURITY, increasing PRODUCTIVITY and be COST-EFFECTIVE in the approach.


  1. Microsoft 365 & Teams features & benefits
    • Collaboration platform for your BCP Work@Home needs
    • Creating the Modern Workspace where all you need is a laptop
  2. Voice Mobility for Enterprise and SMB
    • Leave your office phone where it belongs – In your office!
  3. Live Demo – Voice Mobility

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