Webinar | Understanding the Life Cycle of a DDoS Attack

Webinar | Understanding the Life Cycle of a DDoS Attack

Webinar | Understanding the Life Cycle of a DDoS Attack

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With the new normal as a result of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, there is a surge on the use of online services. Availability and security of these services should be the topmost priority to ensure business continuity and achieve its targets. In the past six months, Nexusguard and Netpluz witnessed the rise in online threats and DDoS attacks. Given this, these two Companies can provide services to mitigate the threats and reduce the risk of service outages.

In this webinar, we will discuss the DDoS life cycle which will help us understand the basic function of a Security Operations Center specializing in DDoS mitigation.

Join this webinar to discover:

  • DDoS Threat Intelligence Review Q2 2020
  • DDoS Attack Life Cycle
  • Overview of DDoS Scrubbing Centres
  • In Country + Global Mitigation Setup
  • Hands-on learnings to build your in-demand cybersecurity practitioner profile
  • And more..

The presenters

Mandy I. Tupaz
Senior Manager for Services and Security Operations

Mandy Tupaz, Senior Manager for Services and Security Operations for Nexusguard, has been in the industry of Network and Security Operations for almost 15 years. He was able to witness the evolution of DDoS Attacks from small and simple to complex and large DDoS Attacks. A proven frontliner who is versed in supporting the global market ensuring Online Threats are mitigated and online services will be made available.

Ruben Martin Mondejar Jr
Business Development Director

Ruben is a seasoned cyber security specialist with a cumulative experience of 16 Years in the Information Security industry, majority of which he has spent focusing on malware analysis, SOC/CSIRT design, threat intelligence and incident response. He has conducted training for various national CERTs and Law Enforcement across APJ. He collaborated with researchers like the Center for Security Studies in Zurich on cyber security policy making. He is a cybersecurity advocate and educator. During his personal time he does pro bono workshops, he serves as advisory council member to Philippine law enforcement and consultant to government, politicians and armed forces whenever the need arises. The highlight of his career is that he commanded 2 command center(s) in Singapore during the Anonymous attack in 2013 against the Singapore Government.