More than just Wifi – Analytics & Use cases

More than just Wifi – Analytics & Use cases

Understanding Customer and Employee Behavior Using Wi-Fi Analytics

Nowadays, staying connected anywhere, all the time is a basic need for everyone. Installing free Wi-Fi as a value-added service for guest and employee can enhance their user experience with your company, the service you offer or the business you are trying to build. Based on IMDA Report, Wireless Broadband Subscriptions reached 11,300,200 in total in November 2018, this number includes all retail broadband Internet access subscriptions and Wi-Fi hotspots.

The need to stay connected can be an opportunity for any business to gain more information about both customers and employee. Wi-Fi analytics will benefit business by providing information about the user’s location that can be leveraged for advanced analytics to enhance performance and stay on the competitive edge.

Wi-Fi analytics works by detecting any connected device, such as a mobile phone, laptop or tablet if they have Wi-Fi enabled on. The technology on Wi-Fi analytics helps to capture data such as location point, the timestamp from the device. These data can be useful to give you the visualization of the location heatmap, the route they take, how much time they spend on certain area and number of new visitor or repeater.

In retail industry, having Wi-Fi analytics installed will be useful to find out how exactly your customer moves through a venue, where do they stop and linger, where is the spot they decide to keep moving, are you getting a lot of repeat customer or new customer and are the staffing levels appropriate at all times and in all places. Having these data on how customers are using a space could help retailers to optimize better layout for their shop and identify the best locations for their product to increase more sales.

Wi-Fi analytics could support location-based advertising and information and help to navigate the user to go to a certain spot with indoor navigation and track personnel locations real-time. In the healthcare industry, Wi-Fi can help employee and visitor to find their way through complex facilities. This can help them to save more time during an emergency. 

In an office, Wi-Fi analytics can be a location tracking device as you can check the history of your employee’s movement and better identify their location during a critical time, such as an emergency. Thus, this device can also be useful to track your employee in the real-time. Not only employee attendance, but it can also help to track high-value assets to minimize inventory loss by configuring alerts for when devices enter or leave a location to reduce theft and loss.

These benefits of Wi-Fi analytics not only enhance both customer and employee experience but also can help the business to look for a new opportunity, engaged with the user, and make a profitable decision that could drive the business revenue.



Monetizing Wi-Fi is a rapidly changing landscape. There has been a considerable shift change in consumer attitude towards Wi-Fi and in particular their willingness to pay for it. There are many reviews that shames hotel or cafe for poor Wi-Fi, and survey that show consumers will go where there is Wi-Fi. People are more and more seeing Wireless availability as just another service like water and electricity. They expect it there, they expect it free and they expect it to work well.

More retailers are looking to provide Wi-Fi to make sure that their employees and customers are always connected, to enhance their business productivity. But is there any more use of Wi-Fi aside from basic connectivity?

You may not have a Wi-Fi MarketingWi-Fi Monetization and/or Analytics Solution yet, but we will be happy to help give you the answers you’re looking for. It’s possible for free Guest Wi-Fi & Analytics to transform your business if you use it correctly.

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