Customer Satisfaction Survey 2020 Results

Customer Satisfaction Survey 2020 Results

The Results…

Customer satisfaction is a key performance indicator for Netpluz.  The survey helped us to measure our relationships with our customers and highlight areas for improvements.

With the feedback we have gathered in 2019, Netpluz has taken the initiatives to improve our services significantly to our customers.  We are proud to announce that we have achieved a Customer Satisfaction rating of 94.48% for the survey conducted in 2020.

We realized how important feedbacks are to our continued improvement and success as a company.  As our vision is to simplify and satisfy communication needs of our clients through the delivery of high-quality managed data, voice and video services over a single converged network, we are always committed to improving our services to deliver the best customer experience.

On behalf of the entire team at Netpluz, we thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Lau Leng Fong
Chief Executive Officer
Netpluz Asia Pte Ltd

Customer Comments

“Netpluz has been providing top-quality after-sales services and has been very professional and responsible towards their quality assurance. They do what they speak and has not disappointed our company. They also have one of the best 24hrs NOC which is knowledgeable, fast and responsible. Never once do we doubt the quality of service that Netpluz give as we know we are in best hands.”

“Very Satisfied with the service provided by the Technical person. Professional and patience. Help us solve a lot connectivity issues.”

“We have been supported by a good team of engineers. Timely manner and ability to explain the problems with so much clarity, in a short time.”

“Especially like the customer service support staff and all the Support Engineers, I liaise with. they are extremely helpful and kind. Good support staff you have must treasure.”

“It was good working with Netpluz team. They were on-the-ball it getting our requests managed and done satisfactorily.”

“I am confident with the solutions suggested by the consultant. As well as the support provided. No hassle with follow up, and very prompt.”

“I really appreciate the prompt support provided by your NOC.”

“We can reach to technical support easily.”

“Overall we are satisfied with the provided services. The consultant had been very helpful with the queries that we have and always comes up with a solution.”

“Excellent customer service especially NOC with providing quick support & clear explanation.”

“Any issues that we faced are usually resolved very quickly. Never had any issues that you guys couldn’t fix.”

“Overall was on a good condition as per SLA. Personally would like to gives a thumb up for support/helpdesk team on the hard work, appreciated.”

Dear Customers, Partners and Friends of Netpluz,

During this unprecedented time, as COVID-19 continues to spread globally, our priority is the safety of people, especially our employees. We have already ensured, prior to the outbreak, that our employees are fully equipped to work from home, with the necessary tools required for virtual interactions with our customers and partners. Netpluz’s services in Telecommunications, ICT Support Services and Cyber Security are classified as essential services. With the new ‘Circuit Breaker’ measures set to begin today, we have implemented strict safety measures to safeguard our employees while, at the same time, ensuring business and service continuity for our customers.

Work and Health Safety for our employees

All non-critical travels have been halted. We will continue to engage all our employees to ensure that we strictly comply to the Business Continuity Plan that was activated in early February, as well as adhere to evolving guidelines from both the government and health organizations. We will continue to monitor the situation to ensure that Health and Safety of our employees, first and foremost, a top priority.

In line with the recent announcement on telecommuting enforcements, we have imposed a strict Work@Home policy, effective immediately. Our employees have been asked to avoid face-to-face meetings unless necessary and will be advising customers and partners to meet virtually, through the use of Microsoft Teams. We seek your kind understanding that we may not be available for an in-person meeting during this period.

Even with all our employees working from home now, please be rest assured that our customers will continue to receive uncompromising service standard from Netpluz.

24×7 Helpdesk and Network Operations Centre for our customers

The Network Operations Centre (NOC) and its hotline remain 24×7 fully operational. As businesses activate their workforce to work from home, we expect our service hotline to be busier than normal. Hence, we have recently activated additional resources to ensure our customers are being supported properly. 

Our commitment to you during this period remains strong as ever. Thank you and stay safe.

Yours sincerely,

Lau Leng Fong

Chief Executive Officer

Microsoft will no longer update or provide support for Windows 7. This means that Windows 7 users will need to start thinking about finally moving on from their favourite Windows operating system.

Systems that are running on Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 or 2008 R2 will continue to function even after the support ends. However, users will no longer receive the latest security patches and this increase the RISKs of the system vulnerabilities being targeted with cyber threats such as malware infections

With recent media coverage of cyber incidents, users of Windows 7 should take this seriously. 

Windows 7 End of Life: what should you do?

So, if you still use Windows 7, what should you do? There are a number of things we’d recommend you do in preparation for Windows 7 End of Life, and the first is to consider upgrading to a newer operating system.

While you have a number of choices when moving operating systems, for many people, the obvious and simplest option is to upgrade to Windows 10.

Also, while Microsoft has done an admirable job of making Windows 10 able to run on older hardware, it’s still a modern operating system that might struggle to work well on your old Windows 7 machine. It may be time to do a technology refresh of the endpoints in your company. 

Contact us TODAY and find out how we can help you to secure your IT operations. 


Netpluz is a 


microsoft partner


Read SingCERT alert here:

Tier-based cloud security standard.


The Multi-Tier Cloud Security (MTCS) Singapore Standard (SS)584 is a cloud security certification managed by the Singapore Info-comm Media Development Authority (IMDA).

The MTCS SS is the world’s first cloud security standard that covers multiple tiers. With the new standard, certified CSPs will be able to spell out the levels of security that they can offer to their users.

MTCS SS has a self-disclosure requirement for CSPs covering service-oriented information that is normally included in Service Level Agreements. This covers areas such as data retention, data sovereignty, data portability, liability, availability, business continuity, disaster recovery, as well as incident and problem management.

Businesses that rely on cloud computing services will also be able to use the MTCS SS to better understand and assess the cloud security they require.

The scope of services included in the certification highlights Netpluz‘s ongoing and continuous commitment to ensuring sound operational and security controls across all Cloud Computing services, such as:

  • Private Cloud
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)
  • Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Netpluz Cloud Platform is certified as MTCS compliant.

For more information, please contact us directly at or click here. 


Quality Communication Services with Cyber Protection

Netpluz Top 10 Managed Security Service Providers APAC 2019 awardThe internet revolution has radically altered the way business is conducted. The size and location of business are becoming increasingly unimportant, in today’s internet-connected global playing field. Furthermore, with new entrants of SaaS solutions and multiple branches distributed globally, optimized connectivity from a single management point of view is critical to ensure that all branches of a business can communicate effectively. However, with companies using connectivity systems from multiple vendors, this is not an easy task to achieve because IT professionals are usually directed around different vendors, and no clear causes are identified when an issue arises. In today’s always-connected era, response time to resolve is crucial to ensure secure businesses’ reputation and operations. Having one managed service provider to overlook the entire network is necessary to ensure faster response time and resolution. Understanding these requirements, Netpluz delivers quality communication services with cyber protection to clients. With the company’s offering, clients get the agility they require without the huge capital expenditure and hassle of managing multiple vendors. Leveraging its decades of experience and expertise in secure communications, Netpluz enables quick identification and fast response to resolve issues while guaranteeing 99.99 percent uptime. “As a B2B company, our focus is to simplify the communications needs of businesses with solutions that fit both company resources and requirements,” says Lau Leng Fong, CEO of the company.Lau Leng Fong Netpluz CEO

Netpluz helps organizations with their secure internet networking needs by first understanding their unique challenges. By providing carrier-agnostic and secure network connectivity services, Netpluz builds customized solutions for every client. “Netpluz understands that every business is unique, and there is no one solution to fit all. Our approach is to first understand the requirement and challenge, growth plan for scalability before we propose a holistic solution,” says Leng Fong. With secure internet connectivity managed by Netpluz’s team of 24/7 technical helpdesk and proactive network monitoring, businesses can be rest assured that their network is being monitored and responded to whenever a need arises. “There were cases of internal network being compromised, devices being used for crypto-jacking, and cases of downtime due to target of DDoS attack. One of the value-added features that come with Netpluz Managed Service is network monitoring on bandwidth utilization,” mentions Leng Fong. An alert will be triggered upon a set threshold, and a dedicated account manager will contact the business representative to check if there is any abnormal network activity. A surge in network bandwidth utilization could spell malicious activity, and Netpluz can be engaged to mitigate the risks.

Companies subscribed to Netpluz DDoS Mitigation service enjoy auto mitigation of DDoS attacks, ensuring high availability of their network connection. In Q2 of 2019, Netpluz successfully mitigated a total of 1.8 Gbps DDoS attack over 2 hours, with the single largest DDoS attack of 506 Mbps mitigated. They commissioned local Scrubbing Centre, leveraging on machine learning technology and multi-layered mitigation to provide intelligence-based detection to automate threat detection. This approach enables an adaptive security architecture, simultaneously addressing detection, prediction, prevention, and response.

In fact, the company will soon launch a Datacenter-grade cloud-based managed security service (MSS) platform, eSentinel especially for SMEs as they do not have the resources to implement a dual firewall implementation, or even DDoS mitigation and secure network monitoring system.  Conceptually, eSentinel is built with state-of-the-art cyber technologies, offering the various protection features such as intelligent next-gen firewall (iNGFW), DDoS mitigation, SIEM, 24×7 monitoring and detection, and response should the on-premise firewall is managed by Netpluz. Netpluz also leverages SD-WAN technology, powered by VeloCloud, now part of VMware, to offer secure, high performance and reliable cross border business connectivity operations ensuring optimal performance even for demanding applications, such as voice and video. “eSentinel is our answer for Secure Internet Connectivity and SD-WAN, for Secure WAN Connectivity,” adds Leng Fong.

Businesses can view Netpluz as an extension of their IT department to manage the entire network and system infrastructure. The company’s team is trained, and industry certified to bring the highest value to clients. “Having a managed communication service provider is, therefore, preferable in terms of skillset and cost saving, as compared to hiring a team of specialized IT professionals. We take your IT operations to the next level, and you can focus your time and resources to take your company to new heights,” says Leng Fong.

As a B2B company, our focus is to simplify the communications needs of businesses with solutions that fit both company resources and requirements.

Among the numerous success stories of Netpluz is that of Paradise Group, a diners’ paradise for Oriental cuisine. With the need to have agility on global connectivity across 110 branches in 9 countries, Paradise Group embraced cloud computing to digitally transform their global communications. As the business grows, the need to be cyber resilient is imminent. As cyber-attacks are evolving to be more complex and harder to detect, Netpluz managed to implement a deep learning solution that leverage on neural networks to detect malicious activities, securing critical data with proper disaster recovery in place. “We are proud to serve Paradise Group with a fast detection and response team to ensure that they can achieve a robust networking and secure framework, with significant cost savings in place,” states Leng Fong. Netpluz successfully implemented and managed a robust networking and communication framework for Paradise Group and helped them achieve a whopping 20 percent cost-savings on secure networking across their headquarters and outlets in Singapore. Additionally, Netpluz has implemented an intelligent queue management solution for the client that is forecasted to achieve at least 40 percent cost-saving on voice services. Keith Kee, IT Manager of Paradise Group, mentions, “No other service providers were able to take a step back to understand my challenges, and Netpluz offered to go the extra mile. We are proud to have Netpluz Asia as our IT solutions provider.”

With such stellar success stories, Netpluz is set on a regional expansion throughout the Asia Pacific, to be the leading Managed Communications Service Provider in the region. Headquartered in Singapore and with business operations in Malaysia, Netpluz is set to expand their support coverage to Indonesia in the very near future, in line with the vision to be the top regional Managed Service Provider (MSP) with cyber security as their key focus. With humble beginnings in 2015 serving business internet connectivity followed by the acquisition of Mediaring and merger of Y5Zone Singapore in 2016, Netpluz has evolved from an internet service provider to a leader in managed data, voice, video, mobility, analytics and cybersecurity services. Today, the company offers its services to over 2000 clients over a single, converged network with uncompromising availability, scalability, and service standards. “Leveraging on our expertise and decades of experience, Netpluz is strategically poised to be the one-stop-shop managed communications service provider to support the growth of performing businesses looking to build optimized, secure and diverse connectivity throughout the region,” remarks Leng Fong.

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Enterprise Security Netpluz TOP 10 Managed Security Service APAC

Netpluz New Website

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new website!

Our new website provides our existing and prospective clients a simple and easy to navigate view of who we are and the services we offer. Visit us at

For any enquiries and feedback, please write to us at or call us at +65 6805 8998. 

SINGAPORE – 2 January 2018 – NETPLUZ, a homegrown provider of Managed Services for Data, Voice, Video and Cyber Security solutions, has launched Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solutions to enable and simplify current and future customers’ transition to a future-ready cloud-based software-defined WAN. Partnering with VeloCloud Networks, a Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN pioneer, Netpluz aims to simplify communication needs of multi-branch WAN networking, by automating deployment and improving performance over private, broadband Internet and LTE links for today’s increasingly distributed businesses.

“We are excited to partner with VeloCloud to deliver Managed Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) service to our Enterprise customers in the Asia Pacific region. The service enables the use of broadband Internet, with or without traditional MPLS, to create robust Enterprise-grade WAN with increased bandwidth and high-performance access to Cloud services, at a cost-effective price.,” said Lau Leng Fong, CEO of Netpluz Asia Pte Ltd.

The Netpluz Global SD-WAN platform will be rolled out to provide the underlying infrastructure that will help businesses drive cost savings, transform customer experiences, and improve overall application performance. Businesses are looking to undergo a network transformation that will allow it to become dynamic, responsive, efficient and simplified, and with centralised network visibility and management through a single pane of glass, VeloCloud Orchestrator (VCO) can provide that much- needed data.

“As Netpluz exists to simplify the communications needs of our customers, we believe that pairing up with VeloCloud will provide our customers with a Quality of Experience (QoE) technology that will deliver greater efficiency and performance,” said Leng Fong. “Regardless of whether data is hosted in the Cloud or on-premise, the performance of every customer’s mission-critical applications depends on the strong foundation of the underlying network connectivity. The focus must now be on building a network designed for the latest data and application delivery and we believe partnering with VeloCloud to offer SD-WAN solutions will ultimately deliver the enterprise-grade performance our customers are looking for.”

“The business model of Netpluz was a perfect partnership for VeloCloud as we look to expand our reach in this region and Netpluz comprehensive offering of managed Data, Voice, Video and Security Services fits perfectly to our business model. VeloCloud offers both Cloud-Delivered and On-Premise SD-WAN solution, both of which offers the most powerful SD-WAN features to meet our customers WAN objectives. We are really excited to have this partnership with NetPluz in SEA region.” Said Michael Lok, Regional Sales Director for ASEAN and India.

Netpluz’s end-to-end service offerings are enhanced with a secure and managed network connectivity to Netpluz Cloud, offering enterprise-grade multi-layered cyber security monitoring and mitigation to protect any business-sensitive data, to reduce the complexity of IT management and deliver greater end-user experiences for business managers and end-users.


About Netpluz

NETPLUZ is formed by a team of highly competent infocomm professionals with more than 15 years of deep industry expertise and proven experience. Firmly believing that communications form the backbone of any business, NETPLUZ simplifies and satisfies communication needs of our clients through the delivery of high quality Managed Data, Voice, Video and Cyber Security services over a single, converged network. Backed by a strong technical support team, NETPLUZ managed services are designed and operationalized with cost efficiency and business productivity as the baseline, with uncompromising service standards. For more information on Netpluz Managed Services, contact us at or visit us online at

About VeloCloud

VeloCloud Networks, Inc., the Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN™ company, Gartner Cool Vendor 2016 and a winner of Best Startup of Interop, simplifies branch WAN networking by automating deployment and improving performance over private, broadband Internet and LTE links for today’s increasingly distributed enterprises. VeloCloud SD-WAN includes: a choice of public, private or hybrid cloud network for enterprise-grade connection to cloud and enterprise applications; branch office enterprise appliances and optional data center appliances; software-defined control and automation; and virtual services delivery. VeloCloud has received financing from investors including NEA, Venrock, March Capital Partners, Cisco Investments and The Fabric, and is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif. For more information, visit


Media Contact:
Rueburn Liang
Senior Marketing Manager
Netpluz Asia Pte Ltd
Phone: +65 6805 8917

Netpluz Asia to Pay S$3M for Mediaring Communications Assets, Aims to Build Pole Position for Managed Services in Asia

Newcomer aims to harness critical properties from one of Spore’s pioneer developers of Voice-over-Internet Protocol technology

SINGAPORE, 25 January 2016 – Netpluz Asia Pte Ltd, a newly formed homegrown managed services provider, said today it is paying S$3 million for the business assets of two Mediaring communications companies – Mediaring Network Services (MRNS) and Mediaring Communications (MRC).

The purchase, which is staggered over four phases till mid 2017, will complete a full circle for Mediaring, a company formed in Singapore in 1994 and became a trailblazer at its initial public offering in 1999. At Mediaring’s height in 2000, it had the largest market share worldwide as a one-stop service provider of voice, data and computing services with leading- edge VoIP technology.

Netpluz Asia, comprising a management team who worked in Mediaring in 2005, has agreed to purchase the commercial assets of the brand. The retail assets of Mediaring will continue to remain with its existing owner, publicly-listed Si2i Ltd.

With the transfer of MRNS and MRC underway, Netpluz Asia aims to:

  • Inject newer systems and technologies and offer the likes of cloud computing, IP Private Branch Exchange (IP-PBX) and data analytics to corporate customers;
  • Enhance its managed service offerings to the 2,000 active customers from the MRNS and MRC pool, substantially increasing its overall group of clients; and
  • Leverage on Mediaring’s technology jewel of its ownership of a significant number ofbInternet Protocol Version 4 addresses, an extremely valuable asset that is experiencing rapid depletion given the on-going explosion of the internet.

On the cards are plans to establish a regional footprint with in-country offices in Indonesia and Malaysia to directly support customers in these markets. The goal is to become a leading managed communications service provider in the region.

With the integration of the Mediaring assets and projected growth from the regional perspective, Netpluz Asia is looking to generate annual revenues of S$10 million in 2017.

While there is no shortage of managed service providers in the IT market, Netpluz Asia is solely focused on small and medium-sized businesses. The Mediaring acquisition will beef up its pool of small-business customers as well as targeting medium-sized organisations with five to 200 users.

There are currently other IT service providers which target larger enterprises, but many do not offer a gamut of offerings to small-and-medium-sized businesses.

Netpluz’s Managing Director Lau Leng Fong said: “Netpluz evolved into its current form because of its strategic focus of offering managed services over the internet to smaller and medium-sized companies. We add value by delivering high quality managed data, voice and video services over a single, converged network.”

“Small and medium-sized businesses are springing up in Singapore and the region. These businesses find it hard to leverage on emerging technologies in a comprehensive manner because large managed service providers do not necessarily allow them to benefit from economies of scale. Hence, these smaller players end up taking a piecemeal approach to technology implementation,” said Mr Lau.

He explained that the current information technology needs of small and medium-sized businesses are met, to a small extent, by system integrators who have the ability to address the nuts and bolts of technology. However, these same system integrators are often unable to harness the power of the internet via the simultaneous use of data, voice and video.

Looking ahead, there are plans to introduce a string of new services in Asia, including a surveillance video system that is able to pump out data via emails without any human intervention. Customers will have a choice of implementing this service either on their networks or have it managed remotely on Netpluz Asia’s hosting systems.


About Netpluz

NETPLUZ is formed by a team of highly competent infocomm professionals with more than 15 years of deep industry expertise and proven experience. Firmly believing that communications form the backbone of any business, NETPLUZ simplifies and satisfies communication needs of our clients through the delivery of high quality Managed Data, Voice, Video and Cyber Security services over a single, converged network. Backed by a strong technical support team, NETPLUZ managed services are designed and operationalized with cost efficiency and business productivity as the baseline, with uncompromising service standards. For more information on Netpluz Managed Services, contact us at or visit us online at

Media Contact:
Rueburn Liang
Senior Marketing Manager
Netpluz Asia Pte Ltd
Phone: +65 6805 8917

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