On-Demand Webinar | Everything Detection & Response with Stellar Cyber OPEN-XDR

On-Demand Webinar | Everything Detection & Response with Stellar Cyber OPEN-XDR

Everything Detection & Response with Stellar Cyber OPEN-XDR

Learn how Netpluz Managed SOC helps you detect breaches early and respond quickly

Introducing the World’s First OPEN Everything Detection & Response (XDR)

Staying up-to-date with antivirus software and implementing firewalls is just not enough. To keep your company safe from threats and to stay ahead of your cybersecurity solutions, you have to take a proactive approach.

With small to mid-size enterprises (SMEs) being increasingly targeted by cyber security attacks, the demand for a solution that provides comprehensive visibility into cyber security threats is now more important than ever before. Amid these concerns, SMEs are also dealing with a shortage of cyber security skills in IT-staffs and the lack of budgets to detect and respond to advanced threats. So, how does Netpluz Managed SOC, powered by Stellar Cyber OPEN-XDR, solve these challenges? How is it different from other players in the market?

You can’t protect or detect what you can’t see, and hackers are very good at covering their tracks. That’s why you need 360° Degree Visibility, which covers your entire attack surface and pieces together complex attacks from a host of weak signals that would otherwise be missed.

diagram-stellar-cyber (2)

You can’t protect or detect what you can’t see, and hackers are very good at covering their tracks. That’s why you need 360° Degree Visibility, which covers your entire attack surface and pieces together complex attacks from a host of weak signals that would otherwise be missed.

Defend against the constantly evolving cyber threats with 24/7 detection and response on the entire attack surface. Netpluz Asia’s in-house Security Operations Centre (SOC), powered by Stellar Cyber, the industry’s first Open Extended Detection & Response (OPEN-XDR) platform, are engineered for maximum cyber monitoring, protection and response.


Who should watch?

Anyone who are keen to learn more about essential cyber security practices that organisations must put in place. This webinar session will benefit CEOs, COOs, CISOs, CIOs, Security and Risk Executives/Managers, and anyone in Compliance, IT and Security Management across all industries.

Are you facing any of these challenges?

  1. Not enough skilled people and the current team has tool and alert fatigue?
  2. Not enough budget to cover existing security gaps?
  3. Being one step behind malicious actors?
  4. Keeping up with new solutions that help to outsmart the hackers?
  5. The huge challenge of balancing ‘good enough’ security & risk for the remote workforce vs. onsite operations?
  6. Many competing needs for people and budget, digital transformation, cybersecurity, compliance and governance, financial reporting systems?


If you answer YES to any of the points above, then this webinar is definitely for you!



    Simplifying the Future of SecOps

    Watch the on-demand webinar whenever and wherever you want.

    According to a 2021 State of Security Operations report, 96% of increments were noticed in enterprises’ budget increments on security operations, 86% increased in staffing, and 91% increased investment in advanced security technologies during the pandemic in order to address the scale, complexity, and impact on business operations due to the rapidly growing attack surface resulting from the rapid workforce transformation.

    Watch the webinar recording as we begin with a close look at the state of security operations (SecOps) including the trends, challenges, and changes as well as how can we ease the burden on a lean SecOps team.

    SecOps: Redefining Core Security Capabilities

    Organizations have acknowledged the significance of adopting a strong cyber resilience framework to navigate through the threat landscape as we go forward in the digitally accelerated world. SOCs are increasingly using cloud and technologies like AI/ML and automation to improve SecOps capabilities. Keeping data, apps, and identities secure is now a top priority in the boardroom.

    SOCs of the future must be resilient in combating contemporary AI-driven attackers that do not rely on old approaches. Recent cyberattacks have demonstrated that we are entering an era of highly intelligent, counter-adversary centers, where computers aid in defeating current threat actors utilising machine learning, automation, cognitive, and AI, and where the human analyst is at the core of creative threat interpretation.

    Security teams are heavily understaffed when it comes to incident response, even as they face more attacks. Security operations centers (SOCs) need a more effective method of detection and response; thus, XDR takes a dramatically different approach to other tools on the market today. –Forrester Study, 28 April 2021

    Thus, a high-speed high-fidelity detection and automated response across the entire attack surface is what we need.

    Watch the recording as we bring you through the 2022 Cybersecurity Landscape, the current and the future state of SecOps, and how can we ease the burden on a lean SecOps team while enabling enterprises to be ahead of threat actors. 

    SecOps Is the Path Forward

    An increasingly complex attack surface, as well as greater usage of the cloud and hybrid IT, were already threatening the cyber-resiliency of many enterprises prior to the pandemic. However, solving the challenges is not impossible.

    This on-demand webinar is for anyone that is interested in overcoming the SecOps challenges by ensuring resiliency and secure protection towards the enterprises with a single platform and improving detection and response with a lean SecOps team at the price an organization can afford.


      Simplifying Cloud Connectivity with Secure SD-WAN

      Explore Secure SD-WAN with Netpluz Asia to deliver fast, scalable, and flexible security-driven networking for cloud-first, security-sensitive, and fast growing business

      Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that operate from multiple locations or branches often find themselves relying on low bandwidth internet connections to access their corporate applications or data.

      Software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) is rapidly replacing traditional WAN for remote office and branch deployments. While SD-WAN offers performance benefits that support new digital innovations, many SD-WAN solutions lack consolidated networking and security features. In response, many network leaders have had to add a complex assortment of tools and solutions to manage and protect their SD-WAN deployments. Instead, they need a simplified approach to contain costs, improve efficiency, and reduce risks. 

      Watch Rueburn Liang of Netpluz Asia, and Chin Ping of Fortinet to discover the reason how SD-WAN automates network traffic over private, wireless, and broadband connections, and provide SMEs with a cost-effective and secure cloud-based WAN connection.

      Untitled design (5)

      Fortinet Secure SD-WAN the #1 in 2021 Gartner® Critical Capabilities for WAN Edge Infrastructure

      In the 2021 Gartner® Critical Capabilities for WAN Edge Infrastructure, Fortinet ranked #1 in the Remote Worker Use Case, a new addition to the report this year.

      The Traditional WAN Challenges

      If you are facing these challenges, then this webinar is definitely for you!

      • Security Concern

        Deploying any new WAN technology can introduce unintended

      • Unpredictable Performance

        Prioritizing data over VPN between branches is difficult and causes performance challenges of key applications

      • High Cost

        Traditional WAN, especially MPLS, requires a single provider to access many sites that involve higher costs.

      • Troubleshooting Issue

        If there are issues in the network, it is difficult to pinpoint the exact cause due to their broad coverage of geographical areas.


      Why you should know about our Managed Secure SD-WAN

      This webinar is for anyone involved with IT Infrastructure, including IT Directors, VPs and CIOs who find themselves struggling with the price, performance and flexibility of their traditional WAN’s. Find out how Secure SD-WAN can help your business speed up the process of adopting public cloud applications to help your organisation reap the benefits of fast and efficient WAN without compromising on security.




        eSentinel™ approved by MAS Singapore for Digital Acceleration Grant (DAG)

        Netpluz Asia is thrilled to be named an approved vendor by MAS for eSentinel™, our born-in-the-cloud 360° cybersecurity solution, as part of the general solutions – security-related solutions. Organisations can now get up to 80% co-funding for the implementation of eSentinel™ to strengthen your IT Infrastructure & Data security.

        In 2019, the global economy has experienced the disruptive effects of the global Coronavirus pandemic and Singapore was no exception. It was one of the hardest hits in Asia. Companies were forced to active business continuity plans, such as remote work for the first time and many were not prepared for it. The financial sector, like so many others greatly affected, was forced to adapt quickly in order to remain operational throughout this time.

        To assist companies in the financial sector, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) introduced a SGD 125 million support package. Out of SGD 125 million support package, SGD 35 million were designated for strengthening and accelerating the digitalisation and operational efforts of these industries through the Digital Acceleration Grant (DAG).

        DAG scheme aims to help Singapore-based smaller financial institutions with less than 200 employees, to adopt digital solutions to improve productivity, increase efficiency, enhance operational resilience, manage risks, and serve customers better.

        Working with Netpluz Asia, you can get up to 80% co-funding to implement eSentinel™ to strengthen your IT Infrastructure & Data security,  Cybersecurity Operations as well as Periodic Cybersecurity Assessments, under a true single pane of glass reporting.


        Check out eSentinel


        Scheme Parameters

        How to Apply

        General Solutions

        If the solution intended for claim can be found in the General Solutions List,   (404.2 KB)your solution is qualified for DAG co-funding. Please fill and submit this General Solutions application form  (255.8 KB) to fintech_office@mas.gov.sg  at the end of your funding period.

        All solutions must be used for at least 6 months before the submission of your application form. Funding will be done on a reimbursement basis.

        Other awards & accolades:

        About Netpluz

        NETPLUZ is formed by a team of highly competent infocomm professionals with more than 15 years of deep industry expertise and proven experience. Firmly believing that communications form the backbone of any business, NETPLUZ simplifies and satisfies communication needs of our clients through the delivery of high quality Managed Data, Voice, Video and Cyber Security services over a single, converged network. Backed by a strong technical support team, NETPLUZ managed services are designed and operationalized with cost efficiency and business productivity as the baseline, with uncompromising service standards. For more information on Netpluz Managed Services, contact us at contact@netpluz.asia or visit us online at www.netpluz.asia.

        Media Contact:
        Rueburn Liang
        Senior Marketing Manager
        Netpluz Asia Pte Ltd
        Phone: +65 6805 8917
        Email: rueburn.liang@netpluz.asia

        Protect Against Advanced Email-Based Attacks

        Wednesday, 24 February 2021, 2PM – 3PM 

        Email phishing is one of the greatest security threats facing organisations globally. With the pandemic accelerating digital transformation and with workforce disconnected from the secured private network of offices to work from anywhere, you need a way to protect your workforce from such attacks. A click from an unsuspecting employee, may well place your entire network compromised. 

        Countless individuals and organisations have unwittingly transferred money, sent confidential documents, and emailed credentials to cyber criminals who were impersonating their boss, colleague, or a trusted customer. These targeted attacks can be very compelling and cannot be stopped with existing email security solutions such as Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus (ASAV) solution — creating devastating results for individuals, businesses, and brands.

        Learn more about the current threat landscape observed by a SOC team, business challenges, as well as the defense you need to have in place to defend against them.

        Key takeaways:

        • Cyber security predictions for email protection
        • Landscape – Top 3 email threats observed
        • Security challenges of the new mobile workforce
        • Who is at highest risk within your organisation
        • Identifying phishing email
        • The difference between phishing and spear phishing, and why it matters
        • The techniques used in impersonation and spoofing attacks, and how to spot them
        • How eSentinel – Email Protection stacks up against ASAV, the differences and why it matters
        • How to manage repeat clickers of malicious emails

          Webinar | Cyber Risk Management in the New Digitalisation Age

          Cybersecurity Management and Risks Transfer

          Considering the complex, dynamic network and devices that businesses must govern across firewalls, applications and cloud – Cybersecurity is no longer optional. Amendments made recently to the recent Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) Bill will continue to have meaningful impact on businesses throughout 2021. Over the past year, there were numerous breaches and cyber-attacks and it is expected to continue with cyber threat landscape evolving at a fast pace.

          Simple and hard truth is that cybersecurity is good for business. Compliance to cybersecurity help you maintain your customers and brand loyalty setting your business ahead and apart from the rest of the competition.

          Ultimately, addressing specific cybersecurity risks that affect your business’s network and data security can be daunting, complex and costly to manage, which leads to many businesses overlooking its importance.

          In this webinar, we will be sharing the latest cybersecurity challenges, introducing solutions and strategies that are both practical and cost-effective in protecting your business from the cybersecurity and data breaches. Register now to learn more about how to take on cybersecurity risk, compliance and management, putting your business ahead of the curve.

          Takeaways include:

          • Cyber risks landscape today
          • Identify your weakest links
          • Business implications in the event of cyber-attack and data breach
          • Mitigate & Transfer your cyber risks
          • And many more…

          Join Kenneth Wee, Commercial Director at Netpluz and Elsa Xu, Financial Lines Manager at Chubb Insurance as they walk you through how to build up your business cyber resilience and mitigate risk that often businesses overlook, especially in this digitalisation age and the evolving modern workforce.

          Watch the webinar recording below to find out more information! 

            Webinar Recording

            Presentation Slides

            Cyber Risk Management in the New Digitalisation Age from Netpluz Asia Pte Ltd


            Cyber Risk Management in the New Digitalisation Age – Mitigating Risk with Cyber Insurance from Netpluz Asia Pte Ltd

            LIVE Webinar | Understanding SME’s Obligation in Data Protection and Cybersecurity

            Zooming into the responsibilities of Business, IT and Compliance during and post COVID-19

            26 June 2020 | 2.30 PM to 4.00 PM

            We know the importance of PDPA and we wanted to share that knowledge with our clients so take this opportunity to uncover what PDPA means for your company and department through this complimentary webinar with Straits Interactive, one of the experts in the field of data protection.

            SMEs today operate in an increasingly connected and competitive digital economy where individuals’ online and real-world activities generate huge amounts of data, especially during circuit-breaker where everyone must work remotely from home. 

            SMEs have had to scramble to arrange employees to connect back to the office.  Have you taken a look at the privacy and IT risks involved in using the free apps as well as the paid apps?  Do you know what you need to look out for?  No matter how good your multiple cybersecurity tools are, an attacker will eventually find a way into your network through vulnerabilities during a lapse. Join us for the 1-hour session with Straits Interactive to find out about the role and accountability of IT departments, and approach to mitigate the cyber threat and risk. 

            Topics covered:

            • Latest PDPA updates
            • Digitalisation & WFH Risks 
            • Roadmap to PDPA Compliance
            • The common problems faced by businesses
            • eSentinel™ – 360° Defense in Depth
            • and many more!

            The Presenters:

            1. Alvin Toh, Chief Marketing Officer, Straits Interactive Pte Ltd
            2. Kenneth Wee, Commercial Director, Netpluz Asia Pte Ltd



            Webinar: eSentinel™ – 360° Managed Cybersecurity, Simplified

            No matter how good your multiple cybersecurity tools are, an attacker will eventually find a way into your network through vulnerabilities. 

            Once cybercriminals acquire unauthorised access, you can only depend on the speed and performance of your IT team, to identify the threats, to manage multiple platforms to mitigate the attack. However, the time to respond and mitigate could last for hours or even days. 

            Join us for the 1-hour session to find out how you can now extend your cyber defense perimeter at the ISP level

            We will be covering topics such as:

            • The Cybersecurity landscape
            • The common problems faced by businesses
            • What is eSentinel™?
            • 360° Defense in Depth
            • and many more!


            Webinar recording and presentation slides coming soon!


            Quality Communication Services with Cyber Protection

            Netpluz Top 10 Managed Security Service Providers APAC 2019 awardThe internet revolution has radically altered the way business is conducted. The size and location of business are becoming increasingly unimportant, in today’s internet-connected global playing field. Furthermore, with new entrants of SaaS solutions and multiple branches distributed globally, optimized connectivity from a single management point of view is critical to ensure that all branches of a business can communicate effectively. However, with companies using connectivity systems from multiple vendors, this is not an easy task to achieve because IT professionals are usually directed around different vendors, and no clear causes are identified when an issue arises. In today’s always-connected era, response time to resolve is crucial to ensure secure businesses’ reputation and operations. Having one managed service provider to overlook the entire network is necessary to ensure faster response time and resolution. Understanding these requirements, Netpluz delivers quality communication services with cyber protection to clients. With the company’s offering, clients get the agility they require without the huge capital expenditure and hassle of managing multiple vendors. Leveraging its decades of experience and expertise in secure communications, Netpluz enables quick identification and fast response to resolve issues while guaranteeing 99.99 percent uptime. “As a B2B company, our focus is to simplify the communications needs of businesses with solutions that fit both company resources and requirements,” says Lau Leng Fong, CEO of the company.Lau Leng Fong Netpluz CEO

            Netpluz helps organizations with their secure internet networking needs by first understanding their unique challenges. By providing carrier-agnostic and secure network connectivity services, Netpluz builds customized solutions for every client. “Netpluz understands that every business is unique, and there is no one solution to fit all. Our approach is to first understand the requirement and challenge, growth plan for scalability before we propose a holistic solution,” says Leng Fong. With secure internet connectivity managed by Netpluz’s team of 24/7 technical helpdesk and proactive network monitoring, businesses can be rest assured that their network is being monitored and responded to whenever a need arises. “There were cases of internal network being compromised, devices being used for crypto-jacking, and cases of downtime due to target of DDoS attack. One of the value-added features that come with Netpluz Managed Service is network monitoring on bandwidth utilization,” mentions Leng Fong. An alert will be triggered upon a set threshold, and a dedicated account manager will contact the business representative to check if there is any abnormal network activity. A surge in network bandwidth utilization could spell malicious activity, and Netpluz can be engaged to mitigate the risks.

            Companies subscribed to Netpluz DDoS Mitigation service enjoy auto mitigation of DDoS attacks, ensuring high availability of their network connection. In Q2 of 2019, Netpluz successfully mitigated a total of 1.8 Gbps DDoS attack over 2 hours, with the single largest DDoS attack of 506 Mbps mitigated. They commissioned local Scrubbing Centre, leveraging on machine learning technology and multi-layered mitigation to provide intelligence-based detection to automate threat detection. This approach enables an adaptive security architecture, simultaneously addressing detection, prediction, prevention, and response.

            In fact, the company will soon launch a Datacenter-grade cloud-based managed security service (MSS) platform, eSentinel especially for SMEs as they do not have the resources to implement a dual firewall implementation, or even DDoS mitigation and secure network monitoring system.  Conceptually, eSentinel is built with state-of-the-art cyber technologies, offering the various protection features such as intelligent next-gen firewall (iNGFW), DDoS mitigation, SIEM, 24×7 monitoring and detection, and response should the on-premise firewall is managed by Netpluz. Netpluz also leverages SD-WAN technology, powered by VeloCloud, now part of VMware, to offer secure, high performance and reliable cross border business connectivity operations ensuring optimal performance even for demanding applications, such as voice and video. “eSentinel is our answer for Secure Internet Connectivity and SD-WAN, for Secure WAN Connectivity,” adds Leng Fong.

            Businesses can view Netpluz as an extension of their IT department to manage the entire network and system infrastructure. The company’s team is trained, and industry certified to bring the highest value to clients. “Having a managed communication service provider is, therefore, preferable in terms of skillset and cost saving, as compared to hiring a team of specialized IT professionals. We take your IT operations to the next level, and you can focus your time and resources to take your company to new heights,” says Leng Fong.

            As a B2B company, our focus is to simplify the communications needs of businesses with solutions that fit both company resources and requirements.

            Among the numerous success stories of Netpluz is that of Paradise Group, a diners’ paradise for Oriental cuisine. With the need to have agility on global connectivity across 110 branches in 9 countries, Paradise Group embraced cloud computing to digitally transform their global communications. As the business grows, the need to be cyber resilient is imminent. As cyber-attacks are evolving to be more complex and harder to detect, Netpluz managed to implement a deep learning solution that leverage on neural networks to detect malicious activities, securing critical data with proper disaster recovery in place. “We are proud to serve Paradise Group with a fast detection and response team to ensure that they can achieve a robust networking and secure framework, with significant cost savings in place,” states Leng Fong. Netpluz successfully implemented and managed a robust networking and communication framework for Paradise Group and helped them achieve a whopping 20 percent cost-savings on secure networking across their headquarters and outlets in Singapore. Additionally, Netpluz has implemented an intelligent queue management solution for the client that is forecasted to achieve at least 40 percent cost-saving on voice services. Keith Kee, IT Manager of Paradise Group, mentions, “No other service providers were able to take a step back to understand my challenges, and Netpluz offered to go the extra mile. We are proud to have Netpluz Asia as our IT solutions provider.”

            With such stellar success stories, Netpluz is set on a regional expansion throughout the Asia Pacific, to be the leading Managed Communications Service Provider in the region. Headquartered in Singapore and with business operations in Malaysia, Netpluz is set to expand their support coverage to Indonesia in the very near future, in line with the vision to be the top regional Managed Service Provider (MSP) with cyber security as their key focus. With humble beginnings in 2015 serving business internet connectivity followed by the acquisition of Mediaring and merger of Y5Zone Singapore in 2016, Netpluz has evolved from an internet service provider to a leader in managed data, voice, video, mobility, analytics and cybersecurity services. Today, the company offers its services to over 2000 clients over a single, converged network with uncompromising availability, scalability, and service standards. “Leveraging on our expertise and decades of experience, Netpluz is strategically poised to be the one-stop-shop managed communications service provider to support the growth of performing businesses looking to build optimized, secure and diverse connectivity throughout the region,” remarks Leng Fong.

            To view the PDF version of the article: https://www.netpluz.asia/Marketing/enterprisesecurityaward2019.pdf

            To view the full digital magazine and awards, please click the image below:

            Enterprise Security Netpluz TOP 10 Managed Security Service APAC

            We would like to thank everyone for taking the time to visit us during Cloud Expo Asia 2019 in Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre.

            We are very excited about the large number of visitors to our booth. It was our pleasure and honour and we also enjoyed many inspiring conversations and was a good opportunity to present our SD-WAN solutions and eSentinel, our cloud-based application platform for Cybersecurity solutions.

            We thank you for your interest in our services and look forward to the opportunity on how our company could serve your business.

            To download our brochure, please click here. 

            Speaker’s Presentations

            Netpluz | Protecting your Business with eSentinel | 360° Cyber Security Simplified from Netpluz Asia Pte Ltd

            Using a secured, cloud-delivered SD-WAN to transform your business network from Netpluz Asia Pte Ltd

            Netpluz Launches eSentinel, Cloud-based 360° Cyber Security protection for digitally connected businesses.

            eSentinel features a single solution that only requires a “plug & play” approach to subscribe to firewall, DDoS Mitigation and even Security & Network monitoring for the market.

            eSentinel Netpluz

            SINGAPORE, 2 September 2019 – Netpluz, a homegrown Managed Communication Service Provider is launching eSentinel, a Cloud-Based 360° Cyber Security platform at Cloud Expo Asia 2019 in Singapore on the 9 & 10 September 2019.  

            The Netpluz Cloud Security Platform provides enterprises with a smart, simple and secure way to significantly reduce the risks against malicious cyber threats, both externally and internally. With a strong R&D and management team with decades of experience in network connectivity, Netpluz is investing in its core infrastructure to help secure businesses network availability and data, across SaaS and PaaS environment.

            “Businesses, especially small to mid-tier, understands the risk of non-secured connectivity. However, it is unfortunate that such priorities are unlikely to be high in the management list due to various of understandable reasons such as being budget constraint and lack of awareness on the cybersecurity landscape.  The impressions are that cybersecurity services are expensive and is only useful in the event of cyber-attack, which they think is unlikely for the size of their businesses.” said Lau Leng Fong, Chief Executive Officer at Netpluz. “With eSentinel, businesses can leverage on a single, simple and secure cloud security platform instead of engaging multiple vendors for different cybersecurity services. It is time the market requires a solution that different cybersecurity services can synchronise with each other to form a resilient cybersecurity perimeter.” Leng Fong also light-heartedly shared that this should be known as Cyber Security Systems as-a-Service (CSSaaS).

            eSentinel, a concept that was developed internally, will leverage industry-leading technology partners and ‘honeypots’ to divert cybercriminals to attack and be contained. This architecture ensures high resiliency, scalability and availability at all times, and minimizes latency even under a massive volumetric attack.

            With new offering under the Netpluz Cloud Security Platform, businesses can:

            • Depend on intelligent Next-Generation Firewall (iNGFW) service to enjoy High-Availability firewall solution
            • Leverage on globally located scrubbing centres strategically deployed in main internet intersections to mitigate DDoS attack closest to their sources.
            • Customise network-level security policies.
            • View event alerts, logs and reports.
            • Detect post-breach threats using cyber kill chain on iNGFW, initially created by Lockheed Martin for military intelligence defence modelling.

            Visit Netpluz booth (G95) at Cloud Expo Asia 2019 in Singapore on 9 & 10 September to find out more!


            About Netpluz

            NETPLUZ is formed by a team of highly competent infocomm professionals with more than 15 years of deep industry expertise and proven experience. Firmly believing that communications form the backbone of any business, NETPLUZ simplifies and satisfies communication needs of our clients through the delivery of high quality Managed Data, Voice, Video and Cyber Security services over a single, converged network. Backed by a strong technical support team, NETPLUZ managed services are designed and operationalized with cost efficiency and business productivity as the baseline, with uncompromising service standards. For more information on Netpluz Managed Services, contact us at contact@netpluz.asia or visit us online at www.netpluz.asia.

            Media Contact:
            Rueburn Liang
            Senior Marketing Manager
            Netpluz Asia Pte Ltd
            Phone: +65 6805 8917
            Email: rueburn.liang@netpluz.asia